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Sex Coaching and Desire Mapping

Standing Head ShotJaime M. Grant, Ph.D. is available for 1-to-1 coaching on the Desire Mapping process remotely or in person.

>Individual coaching sessions start at $200 an hour.

>Dr. Grant works with small cohorts of 2 – 4 at $250/hr to support accessibility.

Desire Mapping weekends, day-long institutes or shorter workshops can be developed in your community or on your campus. Day long institutes are offered for $2,500-$5,000 plus all expenses, depending on scale and organizational budget.

On-site, 6-week Desire Mapping Groups are available in the DC/MD area with Dr. Grant and Amelie Zurn, for $600 per participant and may be reimbursable through insurance.

Virtual 6-session Desire Mapping Groups are forming.

All inquiries about Desire Mapping Workshops and Coaching should be directed to: jaimemgrant [at] gmail [dot] com